Pipps Hill Kennels

The move to our new kennels is now complete. Many thanks to everyone who helped, but special thanks must go to Katie, our lead volunteer. She has worked tirelessly, with the Trust, to find places in other Greyhound Trust kennels for some of the Dunton Dogs and arrange for their transportation. She is currently working her way through laundering all the winter coats, as well as organising the last country shows of the season. Together with her husband Andrew and daughter Emma she also found time to organise and host Maureen and Tom’s leaving barbecue, where we all had a very enjoyable afternoon. Some of you may know that Andrew was rushed to hospital this week. He’s now recovering at home and I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing him a speedy recovery.

At present, walking is from 10-12 each day at the kennels. Previously there was no walking on Tuesdays and Fridays, so if anyone is free to walk on these days we’d love to see you, new volunteers are welcome, (under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult.) There are no worries about there being too many walkers, if there’s still time once all the dogs have been walked they can be walked again, or you can spend time getting to know them individually.

John and Maggie, who run the kennels, have asked any treats that are given to the dogs be fresh food, ie no commercial dog biscuits etc. We’ve got some suitable treats but feel free to bring cheese, chicken, ham, tinned sardines (though NOT in brine) etc.

On the subject of John and Maggie, I’d also like to thank them for stepping into the breach and offering their premises so that we can continue the good work of finding homes for the hounds. I know they both feel strongly that greyhound deserve a loving home once retired and we’re all looking forward to continuing our previous efforts alongside them.

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