Pipps Hill Kennels

The move to our new kennels is now complete. Many thanks to everyone who helped, but special thanks must go to Katie, our lead volunteer. She has worked tirelessly, with the Trust, to find places in other Greyhound Trust kennels for some of the Dunton Dogs and arrange for their transportation. She is currently working her way through laundering all … Read More

We Have a New Home

At long last we can announce that we will be moving from the 21st September to our new kennels at Pipps Hill Farm, Pipps Hill Road North, Billericay, Essex CM11 2UJ, for those of you who know the area, it is just off the A127 southend bound, by Summerhill Garden centre. We have our own kennel block which will hold … Read More

Going from strength to strength

About our shows…. The branch is going from strength to strength with both its re-homing this year. After a slow start, with the help of social media and raising awareness at some of the many shows we attend across the county (and beyond), we are re-homing faster than we can update the website! We have a fantastic group of volunteers … Read More

Change is good

All of our avid supporters and followers have been patiently waiting to see what changes have taken place at the branch since some of our fantastic long-term volunteers retired at the end of 2017. Well you’ll be pleased to know that it’s not actually a lot. We still have our fantastic kennels based in Dunton and a large proportion of … Read More

A greyhound owners warning!

I’m sure you think it most peculiar to come onto a website about rehoming greyhounds to be met with a serious (health) warning! But a warning I feel obliged to give you and it’s a warning about owning a greyhound. It’s NOT a warning to potential owners because greyhounds often succumb to lots of diseases (they don’t), or the hounds … Read More